Breakthrough Therapy for Stuttering Now Available in the UK

Breakthrough Therapy for Stuttering Now Available in the UK

A landmark new therapy developed in the United States for stuttering (also known as stammering) has made its way to the UK for the first time. Stuttering Therapy Online, which offers web-based fluency shaping and stuttering modification treatments, has become the first speech and language support service in the country to introduce a revolutionary new biofeedback therapy known as MPI-2. This is a significant leap forward for stuttering therapy in the UK, and provides more options for adults and older adolescents with developmental stuttering.

Modifying Phonation Intervals 2, also known as MPI-2, is based on the proven benefits of real time speech biofeedback. The evidence-based therapy enables people who stutter to utilise this tailored biofeedback to adapt how they use their vocal folds to reduce stuttering. This new speech pattern promotes fluency and boosts confidence  in demanding speaking situations. This revolutionary new treatment has been brought to the UK by speech and language therapist Oli Cheadle, who himself is a person who stutters.

Cheadle says, “I am so pleased to be able to bring this cutting-edge therapy to the UK for the first time, especially given the incredible results it has delivered over in the States. A Phase II clinical trial has shown that MPI-2 results in a significant reduction in stuttering for most people, and perhaps even more importantly, this change is maintained long term. By using the principles from behavioural learning to systematically teach a new speech technique, I believe that MPI-2 could be a truly groundbreaking treatment in the UK.”

MPI-2 was developed by Dr Roger Ingham at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and trials have shown that the technique can deliver a higher success rate when compared to a more traditional intensive therapy for stuttering. Research undertaken by Ingham and his team suggest that almost three quarters of participants achieve very low levels of stuttering following completion of the programme, and are able to maintain this long term.

Cheadle believes that one of the most advantageous features of the therapy is its ability to be delivered via an iOS device, which can increase treatment compliance rates due to the ease of use. The MPI-2 therapy tool can be installed on any compatible device, to be accessed as and when required by the user, including outside of standard therapy sessions. Through the app, Cheadle is able to remotely monitor each user’s progress in real time, assessing and evaluating speech readings and video recordings. An Android version of the app is in development.

At this time, Modifying Phonation Intervals 2 is only offered in the UK by speech and language therapist Oli Cheadle, owner of Stuttering Therapy Online. Stuttering Therapy Online is currently offering a money back guarantee on therapy session costs, along with scholarships for those on low incomes, helping to provide everyone with the best treatment for stuttering.

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