Breathe Better, Live Better: Mind Breathing Edge Champions Breathwork this Asthma Awareness Month

Breathe Better, Live Better: Mind Breathing Edge Champions Breathwork this Asthma Awareness Month

We all know breathing is the most basic need we have. Being unable to draw breath and thinking you may never draw it again is a terrifying prospect, and something people suffering from severe asthma may experience more than once in their lives. Many sufferers experience dysfunctional breathing patterns without even knowing it. As Asthma Awareness Month begins this May, Mind Breathing Edge, founded by former World No. 5 squash champion and chronic asthmatic Alexia Clonda, highlights the crucial importance of breathing correctly for managing asthma and overall health.

Through Mind Breathing Edge, Alexia advocates for the significance of learning to breathe properly, offering insights and techniques to harness the power of breath for improved health outcomes. With a mission to empower individuals through optimal breathing techniques, Clonda aims to raise awareness about the transformative impact of functional breathing on physical and mental well-being.

“Learning how to breathe properly saved my life,” says Alexia, who is the Breathing, Mindset, and Spiritual Coach at Mind Breathing Edge. “People often take their breathing for granted, yet something as simple as breathing correctly can profoundly affect the quality of one’s health. I am seeking to share the importance of breathwork with as many people as possible, because I don’t want anyone to suffer as I did.”

Asthma Awareness Month has never been as timely as it is today. The latest figures indicate that asthma affects 260 million people worldwide and is responsible for over 450,000 deaths each year. In the USA alone around 25 million people are currently living with asthma, with estimated annual economic costs of $3 billion. Amongst children aged from 5 to 17, asthma is one of the top causes of missed school days, with around 13.8 million days in the classroom lost every year. Asthma can be a killer too, with a cost of around $29 billion per year attributable to asthma-related mortality and $50.3 billion in medical costs.

For those living with asthma, breathwork offers a myriad of benefits, including stress reduction, improved respiratory function, enhanced mental clarity, emotional regulation, and physical healing. Research from Stanford University underscores the profound impact of breath on both the mind and body.

“Breathing fuels the brain, and every other part of the body,” explains a researcher from Stanford University. “So how we breathe matters a great deal.”

Throughout Asthma Awareness Month, Clonda will share resources and insights to empower individuals with asthma to harness the transformative power of breath.

By integrating breathwork into daily life, individuals can manage symptoms more effectively, reduce stress, and enhance overall health and vitality.

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