Brexit uncertainty leaves holidaymakers concerned about travel plans, says Raw Labels

Brexit uncertainty leaves holidaymakers concerned about travel plans, says Raw Labels

With many families looking forward to their annual holiday abroad, the advent of Brexit is causing concern for parents travelling with small children after the March leave deadline.

From worries concerning a drop in the pound meaning that the annual holiday abroad spending money won’t stretch as far as it once did to predictions of travel chaos for those travelling around the day the UK is set to leave the EU, many parents are anxious about the outcome that Brexit will have on their travel plans.

With most bookings made months in advance, travel authorities have told families that any holiday cancellations caused by Brexit will result in a refund, but this does little to help soothe the fears of those travelling at the end of March this year.

As the final outcome of current Brexit talks remains to be seen, many holidaymakers are concerned about the impact that any decisions will have for holiday companies, UK ports and airports and even Eurostar travel arrangements that may have to be changed or cancelled with little notice.

Although the annual family holiday is something that both parents and children look forward to, Raw Labels, a manufacturer of children’s clothing labels, name stickers and ID wristbands, understands these concerns and is offering advice to parents on how to minimise stress when travelling around these dates.

In the event of travel disruption in light of Brexit, Raw Labels is stressing the importance of labelling any items carried by children, including small travel bags for hand luggage, pull-along travel cases or even toys, so that if your child becomes separated from their belongings during your time at the airport, train station or port, it will be easier to identify the missing items or help staff locate them thanks to their colourful images and child’s name printed on each label.

The range of stick-on labels from Raw Labels is incredibly hardwearing, colourful and available in a variety of sizes making them perfect for affixing to a wide range of items necessary for children when travelling abroad.

Another useful product from Raw Labels is the ID wristband, a colourful and waterproof band that carries your child’s name and your mobile telephone number that is useful for reuniting children with their parents should they get lost or separated from their family during busy travel periods.

Ideal for chaotic situations with crowds of people, these products are designed to keep children and their belongings safe and provide extra peace of mind to stressed-out parents.

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