A British baker has ignited an American love affair with clotted cream after a video he posted showing how to make the traditional West Country treat at home racked up over a quarter of a million views.

Drew Mortimer AKA The British Cook has made it his mission to show how simple it can be to create traditional British dishes. Born in Cornwall, the self-confessed Cornish pasty connoisseur has developed a cult following for his easy, tasty recipes which champion typically English fare such as scones, trifle, corned beef hash and afternoon tea. Having grown up in the West Country, his British cooking show features lots of ways to use clotted cream, from tasty fudge to a Cornish cream tea but it’s his ‘how to make’ video tutorial that has wowed fans across the pond.

“Clotted cream is so synonymous with British cooking and baking – especially decadent treats like afternoon tea – but it’s one of those things that most of us buy, rather than make. It’s quite an expensive item to add to your weekly shop but so easy and cheap to make at home,” The British Cook explains.

“British cooking is my passion and as a Cornish native, I’ve been eating clotted cream since I was a kid. Making clotted cream can be achieved for pennies at home so I filmed my how to so that it could sit alongside by scones and jams. I was really surprised by the reaction the video has received, with over a quarter of a million views – many of which are from American home cooks who love British treats but can’t get clotted cream in US supermarkets and expats who want a taste of home.

“I’ve received thousands of messages from American fans who have made Cornish clotted cream at home using my video – the response has been incredible. As someone who loves traditional British dishes, I’m over the moon that clotted cream has found a whole new fan base across the Atlantic thanks to my recipe.”

The tutorial, which is on The British Cook YouTube channel, has been a huge hit with American foodies with comments and stories shared from cooks in places like Hawaii, Chicago, Texas, Oregon, Florida and San Francisco with one saying, “I’m from the USA. We have nothing like this at home. When I went to England I fell in love with the stuff. I would have to ship this over and it wasn’t going to be cheap. I will use this recipe every week. Thank you!”

Since the huge interest in his clotted cream recipe, The British Cook has also shared a number of ways to use the luxuriously thick cream – including in a 3kg clotted cream and jam scone, fudge affogato and chocolate truffle.

Watch the recipe on YouTube: or discover ways to use it via The British Cook’s clotted cream channel: