British Entrepreneur Launches Innovative on the Go Solution for Back Pain Sufferers

British Entrepreneur Launches Innovative on the Go Solution for Back Pain Sufferers

Back pain is a common condition across the UK and can cause debilitating disabilities as well as severe discomfort and distress to those affected. A British entrepreneur has come up with an innovative product that can relieve the pain through promoting better posture and support. The latest back support product from ergonomics company Corrigo provides a flexible solution, effortlessly fitting on to seating, whether an office chair or in the car, that can easily be carried around.

Posture and comfort when people sit has a huge impact on their health and wellbeing. With more jobs and daily activities involving sitting for long periods of time, the number of people suffering from back pain is on the rise. Corrigo’s Mobile Back Support is a convenient product for those affected. Inflating and deflating at just the touch of a button, the compact product delivers exceptional comfort and support even when users are on the go. Through adapting to body shape, the Mobile Back Support cradles the back in the right places, helping to prevent, manage, and eliminate back problems. For those that suffer pain and tension across the whole of the back, the large support option includes both a lumbar and thoracic cushion, perfect for adding to office chairs.

Nichola Adams, MSc Ergonomics, Director and Founder of Corrigo Designs, said, “As a previous sufferer of back pain myself, I understand the effects back pain can have. Maintaining the correct posture when you’re sat down for long periods of time is hugely important, helping us to breathe more efficiently and ensure that avoidable back pain doesn’t occur. But most of us are guilty of slouching. The latest Corrigo mobile product is designed for those with a busy lifestyle, ensuring that users can always get the support they need to sit comfortably.”

Using her own frustration of seeing so many ineffective back supports on the market, Adams set about creating her own. The result is a product that’s ideal for home workers and ambitious entrepreneurs, as well as the typical office employees. The back cushion was created to provide a mobile version of their orthopaedic office chair, providing support on the go. Adams also notes that the product can be used for children, teaching them better posture from an early age and promoting better health from the outset.

Every Corrigo product is created with promoting better posture and back pain in mind. The stylish, contemporary pieces blend perfectly into office and home environments, with ease of use being key. The elasticated straps on the latest mobile back support products means it’s simple to fit on a huge range of seats. Designed and handmade in the UK, Corrigo products have already developed a diverse customer base, from office workers and wheelchair users to pilots and musicians.

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