British firm brings latest energy tech to market

British firm brings latest energy tech to market

Take up of renewable technology in the UK is continuing to grow and one British firm is at the forefront of bringing the latest innovations to market. Future Energy Solutions is using its expertise in the energy industry to help businesses and homeowners pick the right clean energy option for them and drive more to consider the high-tech solutions, such as infrared heating and voltage optimisation.

The latest annual government statistics1 for renewable generation show that a quarter of the country’s power supplies come from clean sources, outstripping coal. To continue the drive towards lowering carbon emissions, Future Energy Solutions is urging more businesses and homeowners to look at the latest developments in renewable technology. Among the innovations, the firm is bringing to the UK market is infrared heating, which uses panels to emit radiant heat to create a comfortable living space with no heat circulation. The tech is set to transform both the consumer and commercial sectors thanks to its savings on energy use and lower costs of purchase, installation, and maintenance when compared to other options.

Joel Tetlow, Managing Director of Future Energy Solutions, said, “The renewable sector has seen tremendous growth in the last decade and it’s leading to more exciting developments in the technology in the field. The tech that we’re now able to bring to the UK market for the first time isn’t only set to cut the amount of emissions we produce but it gives both businesses and homeowners a chance to be part of the movement and benefit from it through saving money.”

Future Energy Solutions are experts in helping customers to find the right energy tech for their needs. The firm is one of the first in the UK to offer professional advice and insight into thermodynamic heating for businesses, saving customers in the dairy farm sector thousands a year in reduced energy bills. Other areas that the company can offer an insight into are battery storage and voltage optimisation. Both of these advancements can help renewable energy supplies go further by allowing the energy to be stored for future use and reducing the supply voltage applied to pieces of equipment. When used in conjunction with renewable technology, such as solar, the technology could transform the way energy is consumed in the UK and globally.

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