British online department store BritYard launches crowdfunding campaign to take on retail giants

British online department store BritYard launches crowdfunding campaign to take on retail giants

New online British department store, BritYard, is exclusively partnering with independent British brands to better connect consumers to the producers of the finest British products. After only launching in April this year, the company is now turning to crowdfunding to fuel the next stage of their vision and change the shopping habits of the nation

The proportion of total retail spending between online stores and brick and mortar shops has shifted dramatically over the last decade. As a percentage of the overall spend online retail has risen from 3% in 2007 to 40% in 2021. Somewhere along this upward curve, an appetite for better quality locally made goods began to develop. PayPal based research from 2017 showed that 51% of online shoppers thought it was important to shop with domestic British retailers. Since then, forecasts project that Britons will spend between £150 and £185 billion with online retailers by 2024. Assuming the appetite for British goods hasn’t diminished, that means something close to £75-90 billion will be spent by British consumers, looking for quality made British goods, in British-owned online stores. But if you ask the average British shopper to name a major British online-only retailer, most would struggle.

This is where BritYard is hoping to reshape the online shopping habits of millions of conscious consumers up and down the country. As the first online-only department store to exclusively partner with independent British brands, they are creating a diverse one-stop shop that reflects the very best of British craftsmanship, innovation and skills. Stocking the latest fashions, homewares, beauty, wines, spirits and more, the site will aim to reinvigorate the shopping experience through careful curation and combined media storytelling.

Increasingly, modern shoppers crave context and understanding before they make a purchase. Stories shape their perceptions and help them understand their place in the world. The brands they interact with have to reflect their values if they are to become part of their personal narratives. By fusing journalistic-grade written, audio and video content, to tell the stories of their brands and the people behind them, BritYard can recreate the key personal connections that spark brand loyalty. Not only is BritYard a uniquely British shopping experience, but it also showcases the expertise and craftsmanship of exquisite creators, strengthening the vital bonds between producers and their consumers.

Founded by husband and wife team Robert and Lara Chant, the site was launched in April 2021 and has quickly become home to over 80 premium independent British brands. BritYard is now inviting everyday investors to help fuel the next phase of growth, which will help them expand their market penetration, grow their list of British brand partners and become a highly visible presence on the virtual high-street.

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