British Teen Entrepreneur Launches New Marketing Consulting Firm

British Teen Entrepreneur Launches New Marketing Consulting Firm

Elliot Padfield, the high profile 17-year-old entrepreneur who made his first million before sitting his GCSEs, has launched a new business venture in the United States which aims to transform the current marketing landscape. The award-winning business consultant and public speaker, who has worked with big name brands such as Ernst & Young, is now turning his attention to growing and developing his own marketing consultancy firm.

Precision Solutions offers bespoke marketing solutions for firms of all sizes, from personal brands to enterprise clients, across the USA. Specialising in high impact, high conversion strategies, the consultancy focuses on both paid and organic marketing, public relations and brand management, along with direct mail and print. With a commitment to delivering a fully in-house end-to-end service, Precision Solutions has become one of the only marketing companies in America to boast a dedicated in-house print and mail facility.

Elliot Padfield, President of Precision Solutions said, “High impact, high end marketing has largely only been accessible to massive corporations and sprawling enterprises, but sticking to what ‘should’ be done is never how I’ve done things. I’ve always believed that everything should be within reach, for example I started my first business in my early teens, and the launch of Precision Solutions provides ways for even the smallest businesses and brands to be able to build a digital presence in an ever digitising world.”

Born in Maidstone, Kent, Padfield enjoyed what he describes as a ‘normal’ upbringing, although his ambitious mind always spurred him to go further. He launched his first business – focused on cyber security – at 15, becoming a self-made millionaire before even sitting his school exams. A year later, Padfield left the UK for South Florida following the launch of a new private equity firm, and is today the world’s most successful teen entrepreneur.

Precision Solutions is one of a number of businesses within Padfield’s two professional groups. The first, Invictus Group, encompasses international investment and pre-launch M&A funding firms, while Padfield International boasts a number of digital entertainment, health, and consultancy brands.

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