British Workwear Leader Wearwell Champions the Workwear Fashion Trend

British Workwear Leader Wearwell Champions the Workwear Fashion Trend

Wearwell, the British workwear manufacturer, has revealed how it is leading the fashionable workwear charge with cutting edge designs and innovative fabrics as on-trend workwear continues to dominate the world’s catwalks.

Over the past few years, workwear has become an increasingly popular feature in several big-name collections, including the latest pieces from Moschino and Calvin Klein. High-visibility jackets have also been worn by celebrities ranging from Kanye West to Tyler, The Creator.

The trend sees workwear – which is traditionally worn by workers in light and heavy industry, construction, marine, automotive and a host of other sectors- enter the world of mainstream fashion. In fact, workwear inspired designed are rapidly becoming a fashion staple in every man’s wardrobe.

Wearwell, which designs and manufactures clothing for industries ranging from catering and hospitality to PPE and industrial laundry, is already embracing the shift and has seen demand for more modern designs skyrocket from its own clients.

Jeanette Fagerstrom product designer said: “This is an on going trend that we have seen develop over different markets for some time now. As people are becoming used to wearing technically-specific clothes in their spare time, like outdoor clothing, yoga clothing, gym clothing, ski wear etc., they are also becoming more aware of the advantages of certain textiles and functions.”

Wearwell says it is now more common for workwear garments to be designed with an eye to the overall aesthetic as much as the function of the piece with Fagerstrom adding, “With general workwear there is always the hanger appeal aspect alongside the functionality of the garment. When it comes to say Hi-vis or FR or other certified styles functionality and adhering to the design requirements of the standard always comes first. In Scandinavia, where I am from, job specific workwear is worn in leisure time by home improvers and you see people everywhere wearing work trousers with hanging tool pockets etc.

“Our new ranges, which will launch later this year, feature some exciting new materials on the market and looked at latest trends for colours and styling to make sure we are on point. Making sure our products protect the wearer is always our main priority, and the challenge is coming up with innovation within the tight frame of the ISO standards that we work to.”

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