Brits Open Up To Experimenting As Female-Led Sex Emporium Reveals Sex Classes Are On The Rise

Brits Open Up To Experimenting As Female-Led Sex Emporium Reveals Sex Classes Are On The Rise

The legendary British stiff upper lip might soon be a thing of the past as an all-female erotic emporium reveals that sex classes are on the rise.

Sh!, which offers a number of sex classes at its London store primarily for women, and couples, has reported a 15% year-on-year increase in class attendance and a huge 49% increase in spend on sex classes between September and November, compared with the same period last year.

While Brits have traditionally been more reserved about bedroom fun than their European counterparts, there are strong indicators that the nation’s lovers are becoming more open to experimentation. With demand soaring, Sh! now hosts a total of 10 classes at its London store – its classes are fun and informative, delivered by sexperts on a range of subjects from female and male pleasure to bondage and the art of seduction.

While some classes are for couples, others are female only and there’s a growing number just for men, as the Sh! female team shares its honest insight and expert wisdom to deliver a guided tour of pleasurable peaks and orgasmic delights.

Renée Denyer, Senior Sh! Store Manager, said, “Over the second half of this year, we’ve noticed a real spike in bookings and interest for our sex classes. Compared with last year, we’ve seen 15% more people actually taking a class, and almost a 50% increase in the amount of money being spent. This is a really strong – and very much overdue – indicator that the traditional ‘British reserve’ is finally being laid to rest and Brits are becoming more open to education and experimentation.

“We have just launched our men-only classes and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our most popular class so far has been ‘Blow His Mind’, which is usually sold out. This is a women-only class which teaches ladies how to give a great blow job with anatomy, tips and techniques.

In addition to the male-only guide to the female anatomy, Sh!’s classes include regular ‘Orgasmic’ lessons, bedroom bondage, spanking and erotic seduction.

Renee adds, “Our erotic classes are fun, educational and inspirational. They are full of practical advice, tips and information and delivered in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages questions. Each class is designed to give students a better understanding of, and confidence in, each sex subject – although many are put off taking a sex class due to embarrassment, it’s a great way to put insecurities aside, take ownership of sexuality and ask questions in a friendly, safe environment. I very much hope that more people take that first step and open themselves up to experimentation, whether that’s at a female or male-only class or, as part of a couple.”

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