Budgeting Should Be a Key Life Skill to Teach Primary School Pupils, Say MoneySmartWorld

Budgeting Should Be a Key Life Skill to Teach Primary School Pupils, Say MoneySmartWorld

When it comes to teaching children life skills, MoneySmartWorld is urging parents to ensure that budgeting is a priority. The expert organisation delivers a range of products that aim to make learning about money fun, effective, and practical for children aged 6 upwards and is now calling on families to make it part of their routine to prepare fast growing children for later life.

Learning the value of money at a young age can help set children up for a future where they’re better able to manage their income, outgoings, and more. Even at primary school there are plenty of money and basic financial skills that can be taught, from understanding the difference between need and want to the perils of borrowing. It’s this knowledge that MoneySmartWorld aims to bring to life with its latest offering – the Money Smart Gang series – a collection of colourful, engaging books that aren’t just fun to read but informative too.

Marianne Lewis, Founder of MoneySmartWorld, said, “Teaching young children about money at home doesn’t have to be a chore or viewed as a separate lesson. It can be incorporated into daily family routines. It can be as simple as giving them their own piggy bank to save a portion of their pocket money and just chatting about how much things cost but it can have a huge, positive impact. Budgeting and basic financial education is one of the most important skills we can teach our children to set them up for success in the future.”

Parents of primary aged children are being given the perfect opportunity to teach their children about money in a way that’s appealing to them with the launch of the Money Smart Gang stories. Every book contains a unique money lesson that will boost a child’s understanding as well as helping with their reading.

Following the recent completion of a successful 30-day Kickstarter campaign, Marianne has secured the funding to print the series of 10 books at scale, giving eager families and schools the chance to snap up the whole collection first at a significantly discounted price. Other gifts being provided along with the set of 10 moneysmart gang story books include colourful posters and postcards. “We were overwhelmed by the generosity and interest of people in the books, as a tool for teaching kids about money. We have numerous backers who simply want copies of the books donated to specific schools and organisations. We were also able to reach our first stretch goal, which means that we’ll also be providing some online money games soon. So watch this space”, says Marianne.

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Find out more about the MoneySmart Gang series and our Kickstarter special: https://moneysmartworld.com/collections/money-story-books/products/life-lessons-with-the-moneysmart-gang-all-10-books