The Bunch secures Growth Investment and Senior Executive Support.

The Bunch secures Growth Investment and Senior Executive Support.

The Bunch, a unique platform designed to manage household bills for students and young professionals, has successfully closed its angel investment round including Startup Funding Club and high profile investors.

Headquartered in Bristol the company, which has been bootstrapped by founder, Elliott Herrod-Taylor until now, turned over £1.3m in the last year and is using the reinvesting profits into expanding its sales, marketing and technology efforts.

Frustrated by the way his student house had to split utility bills, Herrod-Taylor started the company while at University in Leeds. Most gap year students head of traveling, but Elliott decided to use that time to build a business, taking out loans to build the early base of the idea.

Elliot said, “It has already been an unbelievably journey and this investment is a necessary next step. We have bootstrapped our way to already fulfilling 5000 customers contracts, across 20+ cities in the UK, but there is still so much more we can do. This investment will allow us to build out the platform we have long desired, adding in all the unique features we have been designing. It’s great to have such a supportive board and team, and I am so excited about implementing our plan with them over the next 12 months”

The Bunch also has appointed David Murray-Hundley “The Grumpy Entrepreneur” from his advisory position previously held at The Bunch, to the board as part of his investment in this round. David, who is also Chairman and non exec companies that have closed Series A and Series B investments this year for growth, has a long history in the startup scene not least his notable involvement in Commerce One which IPO’d on NASDAQ for $22bn.

David said, “You meet a few entrepreneurs that you think have that spark and will succeed. I also admired Elliott taking the harder route on the business and his resilience over the past couple of years. With limited funds he has built a good solid base and, with this investment, I hope we can now properly attack the market along with revenue and margins.”

Another mover in The Bunch is long standing team member Will Stewart who also joins the board as a director. Stewart has been significant in working alongside Herrod-Taylor over the past few years and takes an operational role.

Also appointed to the advisory board is Clive Gilson who is Vice President of Technology for Go Compare Group PLC and Sylvain Eche who founded and sold Social Moov to Marin Software.

The Bunch

People living in shared accommodation currently take on unnecessary liability, waste precious time and overspend on their household bills, whilst also struggling to manage their personal bills as well. The Bunch will offer a platform to manage, set up and decrease every single bill you ever pay, whether they are individual or shared with others, paid in one bill around your personal income.

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