Bunt Labs Launches CTO as a Service to Support SMEs in Remaining Competitive in Digital Age

Bunt Labs Launches CTO as a Service to Support SMEs in Remaining Competitive in Digital Age

Technology has become a core part of almost every business, affecting productivity, profits, and opportunities. However, tapping into the expertise of a professional to handle daily tasks is often out of reach for start-ups and SMEs. Now a new chief technical officer (CTO) as a service option is available from cutting-edge firm Bunt Labs, a unique approach to filling vital skill gaps and helping small businesses maintain competitive advantages over rivals.

While many company directors and angel investors believe they need to hire a full-time CTO to fully take advantage of and develop technology, Bunt Labs is offering a different solution. By focussing on improved education for project managers and software developers, Bunt Labs aims to help SMEs create a more versatile, flexible workforce that can still take advantage of the benefits a CTO would traditionally bring. The new, focused service was created following several projects where Bunt Labs introduced a coach that delivered day-long workshops. Recognising the significant value this service could bring, along with demand, Bunt Labs has introduced its SME focussed offering in response.

Richard Dancsi, Director of Bunt Labs, said, “Many directors and angel investors feel an enormous amount of pressure to hire a CTO without investigating the alternatives first. It’s true that CTOs can add a lot of value to businesses, such as handing technology providers, managing development, and identifying technologies to improve the business. But it’s not an option that suits every business model. Hiring a CTO will typically come at a huge cost and, for start-ups with limited budgets, alternatives can be far more viable.

“In many situations, businesses are better hiring effective project managers that can then be taught the skills they are missing. It’s a more effective use of resources and can be tailored to the exact needs of a firm as a result and our CTO as a service option fills a current gap in the market.”

The Bunt Labs solutions use workshop-like deployment to reduce costs while still providing lasting, results-driven change. Through working directly with development managers, the brand instils best practices, such as frequent code reviews and continuous integration and delivery methods within the company. Bunt Labs also create insightful documents throughout its time working with each SME, allowing them to support wider employee development and ensure continuation even as new employees are hired. The Bunt Labs approach is a time and resource saving alternative to hiring a full-time CTO.

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