Business Apps Crucial for Credibility and Professionalism Says Satisfied AppInstitute Customer

Business Apps Crucial for Credibility and Professionalism Says Satisfied AppInstitute Customer

Mobile use is growing and for businesses that want to expand their reach they now have a technology tool at their disposal thanks to the proven offering AppInstitute is delivering. Making it effortless to craft slick apps for a range of platforms, the brand has been praised for its intuitive design by customer The Power Zone, a business that has recognised the importance of having a strong app presence that acts as a connection point for customers.

On average smartphone users download three apps every month and 79% use apps nearly every day providing a key way for businesses to boost engagement. It’s become such an important part of daily routines that The Power Zone, which delivers training and consultancy services, believes they’re essential for projecting legitimacy and professionalism.

Recognising the potential growth that an app can bring, The Power Zone used the AppInstitute’s straightforward app builder to develop and launch its own. The additional presence hasn’t just provided the brand with increased awareness it’s acted as a crucial way to engage with customers, improve loyalty, and act as a differentiator in a competitive business world. The innovative live chat feature and instant accessibility to support tools and training videos through the app, has allowed The Power Zone to develop its customer offer, resulting in positive feedback.

Ian Naylor, CEO of AppInstitute, said, “We’re thrilled that the AppInstitute’s system has helped The Power Zone evolve, it’s exactly what the platform was created to do – help small businesses establish themselves within the competitive app market. To date we’ve helped over 100,000 customers get their app off the ground and we’re continually exploring new ways to offer support.”

Angela Seabrooks, Certified Professional Coach and Consultant at The Power Zone, said, “The app has been a wonderful addition to our training program, particularly since individuals taking our courses can open a live chat and receive an immediate response. We have received extremely positive feedback from users. The AppInstitute system was easy to navigate and provided us with the right tools to develop a professional product, proving far superior to alternatives on the market that we found limiting.”

The innovative, forward thinking design of AppInstitute means that mobile apps can be built quickly through an intuitive drag and drop method. Businesses and individuals can build a professional, high quality app without any coding knowledge but are still provided with the flexibility to show off their branding and make the content work for them. Coming pre-loaded with features crafted with specific industries in mind, it’s never been easier for a brand to develop an app presence thanks to AppInstitute.

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