Cabinet Tronix Custom Service Helps Homeowners Find their Perfect TV Lift

Cabinet Tronix Custom Service Helps Homeowners Find their Perfect TV Lift

San Diego-based Cabinet Tronix is reaffirming its commitment to superior craftsmanship with its ‘Go Custom’ service. The company has already established itself as a pioneer and leader in the creation of ultra-modern, revolutionary TV lift cabinets. These ingenious pieces of furniture are at once both beautiful and functional, blending in with a wide variety of different styles whilst also cleverly hiding big screen TVs when not in use.

Thanks to the artistry and fine craftsmanship of Cabinet-Tronix, those seeking a fantastic new unit can choose from a range of different aesthetics, encompassing everything from contemporary to more traditional looks, as well as outdoor cabinets for a weatherproofed approach to outdoor entertainment. There are currently more than 120 TV lift cabinet designs available, all created to inspire and innovate.

The Go Custom service means customers now have even more choice, with the opportunity to custom-design a TV lift cabinet to exact specifications – before seeing these designs brought to life and adding them to their own home. Cabinet Tronix takes customer satisfaction extremely seriously, working to overcome client design challenges and deliver a product which meets all of their requirements.

All products at Cabinet Tronix are made by hand and to exacting standards by the company’s master cabinet makers. Designing, building and delivering these impressive pieces direct from the San Diego HQ, the sheer variety on offer is staggering – and sure to provide plenty of inspiration for those planning to use the Go Custom service.

“We can help customers create all kinds of different TV lift cabinets, sure to complement their décor and meet all technical specifications,” says head designer, Trace McCullough. “Our units combine US-made lift systems with superior US craftsmanship, and our ten year warranty and new custom options make sure that our clients receive TV lift cabinets which are built to suit the size and features they truly want – overcoming design challenges to produce a stunning end result.”

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