Cabinet-Tronix Debuts New Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet Design

Cabinet-Tronix Debuts New Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet Design

San Diego-based TV lift cabinet designer, Cabinet-Tronix has launched a brand new outdoor TV lift cabinet following the overwhelming success of this summer’s backyard collection.

The new design is a master class in craftsmanship, with a server style ingeniously engineered for verandas and other covered outdoor spaces. An impactful, modern alternative to simply fixing a big screen TV to the wall outdoors, the Veranda weatherproof unit has a smart, sophisticated country luxe aesthetic.

Functional and elegant, it brings additional purpose with cupboards and shelving – perfect for displaying family photos, jugs of fresh flowers or other items of décor when not in use.

The Veranda unit makes superb use of stunning alder wood with a bespoke sealed automotive semi-gloss finish. The natural timber of the wood is left to shine in all of its glory, elevating the classic lines of this timeless, yet elegantly modern cabinetry. A soft hardwood, alder has a delightful rich brown rustic finish, which deepens with age. Cabinet-Tronix’s special sealed finish ensures the smooth wood will retain its luster year after year when placed in a covered area.

“The reaction to our first collection of hidden outdoor TV lift designs has been phenomenal – the fact that each unit can be customized with a choice of materials and be fully weatherproofed has been a real winner with our customers,” says Cabinet-Tronix head designer, Trace McCullough. “Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and, we’re delighted to be able to extend our outdoor range with a beautiful new design that can be enjoyed all year long.

“We really wanted to create a piece that acted as a focal point and instantly elevated what is often a forgotten space into the one area of the home that everyone loves to spend time.”

The Veranda server style outdoor TV lift cabinet comes with an optional 360 degree swivel, allowing the viewing angle to be adjusted to suit.

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