Cahana Jewelry Debuts Affirmation Pendants Designed For Heart and Soul

Cahana Jewelry Debuts Affirmation Pendants Designed For Heart and Soul

Introducing Cahana Jewelry – beautiful jewelry exclusively designed to protect and honour the wearer’s dreams, goals and desires.

Cahana Jewelry’s unique affirmation pendants are designed to hold the wearer’s desires, wishes and affirmations so that they carry them at all times. Wearers can write down their wishes on one of the small paper rolls that come with the jewelry, fold the paper and place it inside the pendant, to make their affirmation.

Available in dozens of stunning designs and a variety of different metals and finishes, Cahana Jewelry’s affirmation pendants are a must for anyone looking to carry their dreams and desires with them on a daily basis, and also make beautiful gifts.

Whilst all of the affirmation pendants are designed to create a beautiful space to hold the wearer’s goals and affirmations, crystals are also available to purchase from Cahana Jewelry to fit inside many of the pendants. These crystals help to support different things, such as confidence and self-esteem, and so can help to further strengthen the wearer’s affirmation.

There are also delicate tokens available from Cahana Jewelry, to sit alongside the affirmation pendant and bring positive energy, as each carries a special value and force.

‘Cahana’ means ‘to wish’ in Hindi, and so wearers of this beautiful jewelry can make a wish and watch it come true with help from their Cahana Jewelry affirmation pendant.

Cahana Jewelry began in 2013 after its founder, Rikke Brogaard, experienced a life-changing crisis. She wanted to design a piece of jewelry that could hold her affirmation close to her heart – and so Cahana Jewelry was born.

All jewelry comes in sustainable and organic packaging and Cahana Jewelry is continuing to work to make sure that what they do is socially responsible and eco-friendly.

Rikke Brogaard, designer and founder of Cahana Jewelry, said: “Cahana Jewelry is for your heart and soul. We have beautiful pieces of jewelry to carry the wearer’s wishes with them at all times – to comfort, strengthen and guide them. It is a humble reminder of what is important to the wearer; a subtle way of highlighting the things that they wholeheartedly wish for.”

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