Cannabis oil receives ringing celebrity endorsement from BBC’s George Lamb

Cannabis oil receives ringing celebrity endorsement from BBC’s George Lamb

It’s the latest craze in the health food world, and now CBD oil has received a number of celebrity endorsements sure to help propel this versatile and effective product into the spotlight. Purephyto has fast become a leading name in the rocketing CBD market, with endorsements from celebrities and social influencers including world champion boxer Billy Joe Saunders, rapper and TV personality Big Narstie, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion Kywan Gracie.

CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant and is gaining popularity as a treatment for conditions such as anxiety and inflammation. The company offers a range of different types of CBD oils blended with organic olive oil, organic grape seed oil and coconut-derived triglycerides (otherwise known as MCTs) to help the body process the oil into a clean and effective fuel which is much better for the end-user.

When BBC TV’s George Lamb was seeking a natural way to help his mother Linda treat her chronic rheumatoid arthritis, it wasn’t long before he stumbled upon Purephyto’s product range. Having struggled with the condition for twenty years, alongside the equally troubling fibromyalgia, Linda had tried seemingly everything to help ease the discomfort and pain, including operations to her hands and feet and even injections to help provide some relief.

In addition, Linda took almost thirty different painkillers every week. Seeing his mother struggle, George Lamb suggested she try something different, recommending CBD oil. Despite initial reticence over the cannabis content of the oil, over the past few months Linda has been fully converted to CBD oil – and now requires only minimal painkillers to help her handle the troubling symptoms she faces every day.

More and more testimonials for Cannabis oil are coming to light from both those in the public eye and ordinary people, all of whom are seeking new ways to handle their pain and monitor complex conditions without resorting to expensive and often ineffective medical treatments. Purephyto’s CBD oil is available in several different combinations and strengths, providing possible solutions to a variety of different ailments that traditional medicine is as yet unable to fully resolve.

“We’re delighted that CBD oil is becoming more high profile,” says Gov Thethy of Purephyto. “We have seen first-hand how transformative these oils can be for our customers, and anything which boosts their profile will only help others discover their fantastic effects.”

Purephyto stocks a total of 12 CDB products, including tinctures (oil), skin balms and 99% pure lab extracted CBD crystals.  It has a five star Trust Pilot rating, with shoppers commenting on the excellent quality, effectiveness of the products and great level of customer service. The brand has also been rumoured to be the “go to guys” for the cannabis activist community.

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