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Care home recruitment reaches critical levels in the UK

With the demand for good quality care far exceeding supply, care home managers around the country are finding it more difficult than ever to source and secure the best care staff for their properties.

As an ageing population, more and more of us are requiring live in spaces in care facilities up and down the country which is putting additional stress on an industry that is already struggling to cope with the burden of increased demand.

And with a heavy workload, long hours and time consuming and lengthy recruitment processes, many people are being put off by the prospect of a career in care.

It has been suggested that the demand for care home spaces will not abate until at least 2020, so the short and long-term recruitment needs of care homes are only due to increase. But with fewer people seeing the care industry as a viable career choice, the war for the best talent rages on with care home managers and HR directors having to revisit their employment packages and recruitment processes in order to secure the best staff.

To remain competitive and engage the right staff, Nova Care has come to the aid of this already overwhelmed industry with its cloud-based recruitment software solution.

Created by recruitment specialists, healthcare professional and IT experts with grassroots experience in this challenging industry, they understand that time is critical when trying to find more staff for those essential care vacancies.

With this in mind, nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists, social workers, occupational therapists local authority and NHS colleagues were directly involved in the development of Nova Care’s recruitment software allowing them to create a product that significantly streamlines the entire recruitment process.

Stephen Wilson from Nova Care said “Not only does our software give 24/7 access to applications, but it also helps reduce administrative costs by up to 90% and significantly reduces the time taken to find new members of staff which is crucial to ensure that your candidates don’t take up offers elsewhere during the recruitment process.

It also helps care home managers or anyone responsible for care home recruitment meet their legal obligations, making it an essential tool when complying with GDPR legislation.”

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