Care Providers Offered Unlimited Access to Innovative Recruitment Tool That Aims to Cut Hiring Costs by Up to 90%

Care Providers Offered Unlimited Access to Innovative Recruitment Tool That Aims to Cut Hiring Costs by Up to 90%

The hiring market for care providers is becoming increasingly competitive and time consuming as skills gaps continue. Now firms operating in the sector have a new tool at their disposal that aims to reduce admin time and costs by up to 90% thanks to Novacare | recruit.

The innovative platform, which launched earlier this year, has already received positive reviews from both small and large care providers across the UK. To celebrate the success and demonstrate how the technology based tool can help throughout the hiring process and managing teams, Novacare | recruit is offering unlimited access to all its features until the end of September. In addition to admin challenges, the tool has also been designed to provide organisations with the ultimate tool they need to ensure they’re fully compliant with GDPR and the care regulator.

Stephen Wilson, Director of Novacare | recruit, said, “It’s becoming increasingly difficult for care providers to source, manage, and hire the right staff that are so important to their operations. As care services are becoming increasingly more in demand, reflecting the ageing population and a shift in how care is delivered, it’s vital that organisations meeting this demand have the tools they need to make the right hires and to do so as efficiently as possible.

“Whether looking for a single member of staff to fill a role or planning an extensive open day to significantly grow a team, the typical tasks of hiring can be time consuming and costly. Our goal is to streamline these steps as much as possible and feedback shows our platform is working for a variety of organisations. Our free access offer is a chance for care providers to put our tools to the test this summer without having to invest – we’re confident they’ll see the benefits.”

Care providers large and small have welcomed the adaptable recruitment software. Smaller providers have found the tool useful for effectively managing applicants without the need for a dedicated HR department, substantially reducing costs, while large groups can use the platform to see every branch or company, allowing for improved management.

The range of key features is complemented by reliable encryption that ensures data is well protected, an essential following GDPR and increased awareness of data rights. Through providing a digital, intuitive option, Novacare | recruit is offering an effective alternative to complex paper systems.

Care providers that would like to trial the Novacare | recruit tools simply need to contact the team via phone or email.

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