Career Expert’s Debut Book Out Now to Support Ongoing Career Progression During Pandemic

Career Expert’s Debut Book Out Now to Support Ongoing Career Progression During Pandemic

At a time when many professional growth strategies have been put on hold as businesses navigate the huge impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, one of the country’s leading career coaches is working to support and empower ambitious employees as they continue on their own pathways to success.

James D. Browne, founder of career development firm Occupation Navigation Ltd, which has already helped hundreds of individuals achieve their goals through 1:1 coaching, has published his first book, ‘Occupation Navigation – The Ultimate Career Guide for Young Professionals’ this week. Available now, the title is a powerful and timely new resource for earning well and achieving more.

Written with ambitious 18 – 36 year olds in mind, Browne’s debut book is a strategic toolkit which sets out to explore the necessary actions for taking income, working relationships, and professional status to the next level. The author combines key lessons from respected industry leaders with his own personal experiences to offer highly transferable, applicable, and practical advice to navigate the landscape and drive success in both the personal and professional setting during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond.

He said, “The employment market has changed. People need to navigate the new world of remote working, changing industries and the relentless push from large companies to automate and downsize. People come to me every single day in my career coaching practice to share their ambitions and concerns. Sometimes they need to double their income to keep their head above the water, some people want to get on the housing ladder, some people just want to land that 50k job this year and don’t know if it’s possible.  “It is all possible. In fact, I would argue that there has never been a better time to find meaningful work and become wealthy. You just need to know what you are doing and be willing to make it a priority in your life. I wrote this book make it easier for people to find their way by filtering out all the noise. The book distils tried and tested wisdom into a condensed, engaging, easy-to-read guide to help you reach your true potential.”

Browne himself is proof that the right approach, coupled with determination, can result in unrivalled success, having spent the early part of this career in senior positions within the UK’s top financial services corporations, despite not having a degree or college education. Choosing to put his knowledge and experience to good use, Browne left the financial industry to help others, and is today considered to be one of the country’s most innovative career progression experts, offering 1:1 coaching, seminars, and support guides through his company, Occupation Navigation, which he launched in 2019.

The new book provides a start-to-finish guide for career progression, transitioning from the early stages of laying solid foundations on which to grow and planning a strategy through to the effective management of interviews and applications, relationship building, networking, and negotiating. The title also includes chapters on gaining a competitive edge and standing out amongst the crowd, maintaining a healthy focus, and staying motivated through change. ‘Occupation Navigation – The Ultimate Career Guide for Young Professionals’ is available to order in both paperback and Kindle formats from Amazon:

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