Cash-strapped Brits turning to more personalised gifts

Cash-strapped Brits turning to more personalised gifts

Cash-strapped Brits haven’t let soaring household costs put a dent in their celebrations – instead, savvy bargain hunters are shunning pricey presents in favour of personalised gifts as they feel the pinch, according to one leading retailer.

Official figures[1] from the Office of National Statistics show that the average weekly household expenditure in the UK was £572.60 in the financial year ending 2018, the highest weekly spend to be recorded since the pre-crisis levels seen in 2005. With everything from the weekly supermarket shop to transport and utility costs soaring, those looking to mark special occasions such as birthdays can no longer afford to give quite as generously as they once did.

Rather than forgo gift giving entirely, personalised gifting is soaring in popularity with online retailer GiftPup reporting almost 300% growth in personalised gift orders since 2017.

Emily Ford, GiftPup product manager said, “Personalised gifts are a great way to mark a special occasion and show a friend or loved one you care without breaking the bank. Gift giving can be quite stressful with pressure to buy the perfect present – add in budget constraints and what should be a fun activity becomes more of a chore. Over the last 18 months, we have seen a shift in the way gift giving is approached with personalised presents becoming more and more popular, so much so that our personalised gift sales have increased by 270% in the last two years.

“Not only does a personalised gift show how well you know someone, they’re also seen as much more thoughtful. The great news for those shopping on a budget is that personalised gifts are often a far more cost-effective option, whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, wedding present or Secret Santa stocking stuffer. Around one in two adults are said to have given a personalised gift in the last year. They are more cost effective to manufacture because they are made to order so as well as being very bespoke to the customer’s requirements, we also don’t have the associated costs of storage like other retailers. As a result high speed ‘print-on-demand’ is definitely on the increase.”

GiftPup’s expansive range of personalised gifts covers almost every gift-giving occasion, with thousands of products across a wide range of categories. From champagne to phone cases, socks to stationary, the retailer makes it easy for shoppers to find truly personalised gifts for all the family. Many gifts are carefully made by hand and are available for delivery worldwide.

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