CaterSafe Consultants offer expert advice for budding ‘foodpreneurs’

CaterSafe Consultants offer expert advice for budding ‘foodpreneurs’

Kent-based Food safety consultancy CaterSafe are offering the benefit of their vast experience to budding new ‘foodpreneurs’ wishing to realise their dream of opening their very own restaurant.

Starting a food business or becoming a ‘foodpreneur’ can be incredibly rewarding but it also takes a lot of hard work, time, dedication and commitment. Many fledgeling food businesses are so focused upon opening their doors to the public that they can miss out on essential steps crucial to the ongoing success of their business.

With this in mind, Catersafe Consultants have created a ten-step plan for starting a food business that offers expert advice in areas such as marketing, food hygiene, business registration and customer service to give new business owners the best possible start when entering the food and restaurant industry.

Catersafe have a plethora of experience in the catering and hospitality industry and are the go-to organisation for food hygiene courses, food-based e-learning courses and consultancy services making them well placed to offer advice to start-up businesses.

Knowing the challenges faced by those entering the food and restaurant trade gives them first-hand insight on what it takes to make a new business profitable and viable; therefore the ten-step plan is a helpful resource for anyone interested in taking the next steps and making their dreams of restaurant ownership a reality.

Sam Turner from CaterSafe said “We hear of so many unique and different restaurant offerings opening their doors and are really disappointed to find out that they are facing major barriers later on down the line because they’ve missed a vital part of their business plan, business registration or marketing strategy.

To help fledgeling new businesses, we’ve created a simple and practical ten-step guide to help new business owners overcome these challenges before they create bigger problems and to give them the critical elements they’ll need to focus on before opening for business.”

From tips on perfecting those signature dishes to labelling and legal advice, the guide is free to access on the CaterSafe website and is certain to be a valuable resource for any budding ‘foodpreneurs’.

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