CBD Market Leader Hempura Cautions Against Unsafe and Illegal Offerings

CBD Market Leader Hempura Cautions Against Unsafe and Illegal Offerings

CBD product manufacturer Hempura has cautioned consumers eager to try CBD to exercise caution when buying as it warns against the number of unsafe and illegal products entering the fast growing market in the UK.

The market for CBD products has grown from virtually nothing a few short years ago to a £50 million per-year industry, with those numbers only set to grow. Hempura – a certified member of hemp and CDB trade group CTA – puts huge emphasis on its rigorous standards. This entails a scientific manufacturing process, painstaking lab testing, accurate labelling and full transparency to the relevant authorities. Their worry, however, is that other manufacturers are not abiding by the same high standards.

Hempura has pointed out that the market has been flooded with unsafe and potentially illegal products, raising the need for stricter quality controls and consumer education so buyers can make an informed choice. The worry is that many companies in the CBD arena see the market as the place to make a quick profit, without holding themselves up to any kind of scientific or ethical standard.

CBD products, which can come in oil, capsules, vape liquid and even chocolate forms, are seeing increasing use because of their wide ranging health and wellness benefits. There has been much research pointing to the benefits of CBD products, with more being discovered each day. Hempura attaches an in-depth report to every product sold outlining exactly what is in it and how to use it. Unfortunately, many other companies are not so thorough.

Lewis Hadaway, director of Hempura said, “We’re seeing massive growth and that means there is a big need for the products we provide. We go to great lengths to ensure our customers know exactly what is in our CBD products, outlining everything from dosage to safety concerns in reports attached to every product.

“We’re striving to make this industry legitimate and unsafe – or even illegal – offerings out there do nothing towards this effort. All that does is create an aura of the ‘wild west’ around what we do, and it shouldn’t be that way. We offer products that people see very real, positive benefits from, and we want to make sure people who need CBD products are safe and assured of their legality when they do use them.”
To find out more and browse the Hempura range of lab tested products, visit https://hempura.co.uk/