CEH Technologies Awarded Prestigious Grant to Further Develop Its Groundbreaking Live Translation App

CEH Technologies Awarded Prestigious Grant to Further Develop Its Groundbreaking Live Translation App

CEH Technologies Ltd has been awarded the prestigious Inclusive Innovation Award grant to develop further its ground-breaking, live translation app, MyJuno.

The R&D grant will also enable CEH Technologies to conduct a comprehensive trial of the translation app involving multiple companies and charities in the UK who provide independent advice and guidance to assist asylum seekers to move through and understand the asylum process and resettle in the UK.

The Inclusive Innovation Award, organised by Innovate UK, seeks to support 50 micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that have a proven track record of creating positive impact within the target audience. The competition focuses on promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in the design and development of innovative products, processes, or services, with the aim of inspiring other businesses to follow suit.

With the Inclusive Innovation Award, CEH Technologies plans to embark on an ambitious new project to further develop its advanced, proprietary translation system. The system will enable asylum seekers, community workers and advisors to communicate verbally and in writing in more than 50 languages wherever they are in the UK. Asylum seekers will be able to translate texts, documents, voice messages and live conversation whether they are face-to-face or at home with up to 50 people in different locations.

To ensure the success of this project, CEH Technologies will work with a diverse team of developers and more than 100 asylum seekers. By embracing diversity, the company aims to cultivate a rich environment for innovation, fostering the creation of ground-breaking solutions that cater to the needs of all individuals.

“We are thrilled and deeply passionate about this project. The language barrier poses a significant obstacle that prevents individuals from fully experiencing life or pursuing their dreams,” says Danny Manu, CEO of CEH Technologies. “Language barriers can prevent asylum seekers completing tasks such as completing forms at the bank, attending medical appointments, and looking for jobs.

“We firmly believe that our solution will support them throughout this journey and facilitate their seamless integration into society. It is an immense honour to be among the select fifty pioneering companies across the UK chosen for this prestigious Inclusive Innovation Award, and we eagerly anticipate making a tangible difference in the lives of those who are most vulnerable and in need.”

Rodolphe Soulard, Marketing Director added, “In addition to the human and social burdens, it is crucial to acknowledge the significant financial strain imposed on government-funded organizations, charities, and businesses as a result of the high costs associated with human translation. We firmly believe that leveraging Artificial Intelligence can expedite and streamline this process, ultimately leading to a reduction in overall translation expenses across numerous scenarios. By doing so, we can liberate human and financial resources to expand service offerings, cater to a larger population, and effectively address intricate cases.”

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