On October 12th 2018, Steph Tumba, Author and Director of modern dating agency Celest Connections, is launching her new book ‘100 Dates and a Wedding’ on Kindle with an exclusive offer for literature lovers and those seeking that special someone.

The book follows the dating tribulations of French divorcee Valérie as she navigates the London dating scene, experiences the English rules of dating, the expected texts, the expected loves, the misinterpreted messages and learns how to believe in love once again.

A raw, romantic and often hilarious tale, 100 Dates and a Wedding isn’t your typical ‘man bashing’ novel; instead, it provides an inspirational message for all readers drawn from the experiences of the author.

For one weekend only, the book will be available to download on Kindle free of charge. After the launch weekend on 27 October, 2018, readers can get their hands of the download for a small fee of £2.99 up until 1st December 2018 when the cost will increase to £5.99.

However, anyone purchasing the book on Kindle after the launch weekend will also enjoy an exclusive 15% discount from the registration fees at Celest Connections, meaning that anyone taking advantage of this fantastic promotion will have a little extra spare cash for those killer outfits ideal for first dates.

Author Steph user her unique insight into the world of dating in her characters and uses her experience as a director of a modern dating agency to create her funny and heart-warming story.

Steph herself states that she was ‘manufactured in France, improved in England’ and by running Celest Connections she has encountered her fair share of ‘meet and grief’ dates which have given her the opportunity to become an expert on dating, men and love in London.

Celest Introductions may be an old-fashioned marriage bureau, but they have a very modern approach to dating and have helped a number of couples find love in the capital.

This combined with her love of writing and flair for language has helped 100 Dates and a Wedding come to life and is a must read for anyone currently playing the dating game or who loved modern romance with a comic edge.

Steph said “I’m very much all business by day, but at night I love pouring my experience of love in the city into my characters. The road to love is never easy, and in Valérie readers will join her on a journey of comic misunderstandings, cringe-worthy moments and kissing her fair share of frogs.”

To download your copy of 100 Dates and a Wedding, visit the Amazon Kindle website or visit the Celest Connections website to find out more at https://celestconnections.com/%E2%80%8Bcelest-connections/100-dates-and-1-wedding/ .