Charitable Accessories Firm Calls on Creative Talents to Slow COVID Spread

Charitable Accessories Firm Calls on Creative Talents to Slow COVID Spread

New York-based fashion jewelry and accessories leader Saridjo is launching a new face covering initiative, bringing together the world’s most creative talents to help transform essential healthcare into stylish fashion. Blending form and function, Saridjo’s new offerings prove that even the most practical items can be stunning and beautiful, with hand embroidered, embellished, and beaded designs that protect communities while giving back to local artisans.

Just one of the many charitable initiatives launched by the Saridjo sisters, Saridjo x The Artisans is designed to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and encourage more and more members of the public to comply with the latest regulations. Calling upon the unique and notable talents of existing relationships with international artists from India, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, and more, Saridjo is providing exquisite healthcare essentials while also creating ongoing, sustainable work for artisans during challenging times.

Saridjo co-founder, Maiyang Kim said, “Many countries around the world have adopted face coverings in a bid to minimize transmission, yet here in the US we’re still struggling with compliance, with mask wearing becoming more of a political issue than a health issue. We want to take politics out of the equation, and make face masks practical and beautiful – exactly what they should be – while ensuring that we’re doing everything we can to protect vulnerable and overlooked communities across the globe at a time when they really need us the most.”

In July, the CDC issued guidance for Americans to wear face coverings when out in public, with Director Dr. Robert R. Redfield stating that ‘cloth face coverings are one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread of the virus’. Despite this, a CDC report suggests that compliance is just 60%, with lowest levels of compliance amongst 18-29 year olds. This suggests that appearances may play a role in the decision to comply.

Inspired by nature, featuring floral patterns, gardenscapes, and leafy beauty, the range of 2-ply and 3-ply cotton face masks designed as part of the new charitable initiative are beautiful to look at, with many featuring intricate, natural sea water pearl beading. Some masks include integrated pockets, enabling wearers to add their own filters for extra protection if required. They are suitable for any occasion, even weddings and special events.

Each washable, reusable non-medical face mask comes complete with a Saridjo chain in gold, silver or black that can be used to secure the mask safely and hygienically around the neck when not in use. Chains can also double as stylish accessories, such as a necklace, multi-wrap bracelet, or sunglass chain.

Saridjo has committed to donating 10% of the profits from each and every mask sold under the initiative to a legitimate humanitarian organisation, specifically to programs that support young people through improved nutrition, education, sanitation, and care.

Masks are available now, starting from just $25. Visit to see all masks in the Saridjo x The Artisans collection.