Cheeky Wipes Partners with Lewes District Council on Voucher Scheme for Reusable Nappies and Wipes

Cheeky Wipes Partners with Lewes District Council on Voucher Scheme for Reusable Nappies and Wipes

Cheeky Wipes, the sustainable brand championing daily reusables, is proud to announce its recent partnership with Lewes District Council on a voucher scheme that promises to help parents save money on essential baby wipes and nappies.

The new voucher scheme, which is available to all parents with children under the age of 2 or those expecting a baby, entitles parents to redeem a voucher worth £50 towards the cost of Cheeky Wipes reusable nappies and wet wipes. To apply for the scheme, parents must email ‘’ with the subject line ‘Cheeky Wipes Voucher’ and then provide a MatB1 certificate or Birth Certificate.

Vouchers can be put towards some of Cheeky Wipes’ best-selling washable wipes and sustainable nappy alternatives that have been tried and tested by thousands of satisfied parents.

Parents eligible for the scheme can look forward to saving upwards of over £500 in just two years, providing some relief to the suffering caused by the cost-of-living crisis. In addition, the sustainable scheme will also reduce costly nappy and wipes waste that can end up clogging up our sewers and waterways.

Cheeky Wipes are passionate about getting families to ditch the disposables and hope to continue rolling out similar schemes until the whole country is on board with reusables.

“We’re very excited to announce our recent partnership with Lewes District. Cheeky Wipes is all about finding sustainable and affordable swaps that make everyone’s lives that little bit easier. We know that, with the cost-of-living crisis, things like nappies and baby wipes can cost a ridiculous amount of money and we hope that with this new scheme, we can help take a bit of pressure off parents around Lewes,” comments Cheeky Wipes Founder, Helen Rankin.

Councillor Julie Carr, Cabinet member for Recycling, Waste and Open Spaces, said the scheme also has huge environmental benefits.

“Billions of wet wipes are thrown away in this country every year, creating unnecessary waste or flushed away to end up polluting our sewers, rivers and seas,” she added.

“Disposable nappies are also one of the biggest factors in plastic waste globally. It is imperative we move from single-use to reusable alternatives, and I’m delighted this new scheme with our partner Cheeky Wipes allows local parents to make this switch – as well as saving money at the same time.”

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