Chef Damian Wawrzyniak Launches Two New Tasting Menus at House of Feasts

Chef Damian Wawrzyniak Launches Two New Tasting Menus at House of Feasts

Peterborough restaurant House of Feasts is welcoming Spring with the addition of two new, very special tasting menus. The two menus, Feast 5 Menu’ and ‘Feast 7 Menu’ are vibrant, modern Polish – British fusions designed and created by award-winning chef and Polish Food Ambassador Chef Damian Wawrzyniak.

The menus are a showcase of contemporary dishes, with traditional Polish fare meeting local English produce -all sourced from the local Cambridgeshire countryside.

The tasting menus include amuse bouche as an appetizer, the traditional Polish starter Smalec served with sourdough bread and pickles. There’s also aged rib of beef tartare with cured egg yolk, preserved cucumber and smoked cheese or a potato cake served with cottage cheese, ash and chive.

Main courses give diners an opportunity to try salt and sugar-cured salmon served with pickled beetroot and cured sea weed, or pork knuckle (a very popular dish on Polish plates) served with pear cured in saffron and honey. There’s hunter stew and preserved meat and Halibut wrapped in desire, with melon and cucumber.

Desert plates feature king cheese with raspberry leather, rose petals and beetroot with dark chocolate and matcha.

Chef Wawrzyniak said, “I’m really excited about my two new tasting menus. My food philosophy has always been that eating should be founded on a love of the ingredients, paired with great drinks and even better company. I wanted to bring all of these elements together in a new, innovative way. This was the foundation for the new tasting menus, which are delicious, fresh and flavourful showcases of local produce and Polish traditions. The tasting menus are a fantastic way to try a selection of dishes in one go and I hope that diners are as excited about the various dishes as we are.”

Feast5 is priced at £45 and Feast7, £65. Both menus are available from House of Feasts in March.

House of Feasts is located at 41 Crowland Road, Peterborough PE6 7TP. Tel: 01733 221279. Email: or visit