Are children’s social skills suffering from lack of independence asks Raw Labels

Are children’s social skills suffering from lack of independence asks Raw Labels

With child development experts citing social skills as the key to benefiting from education, many parents are concerned that their children might not be getting the best from their school years if they struggle to make friends in the classroom.

Children who struggle to make friends in their early years at nursery and primary school are far more likely to feel isolated and disengaged from their classmates, which in turn can lead to a higher chance of behavioural problems and them not reaching their true potential.

One of the reasons given for this lack of social skills is the reduced rate of independence given to children through fears for their safety and wellbeing to learn new social skills and interact with others.

Although stranger danger is not a new concept, many feel that the development of children is being stifled with a growing dependence on their parents or guardians for support when they meet other children.

Some have stated that children should enjoy greater freedom to explore their environment and engage with others without being constantly overseen by their parents, which has caused a fierce debate on child safety.

Although children should be free to interact with new friends and boost their confidence when meeting people for the first time, there is a careful balance that needs to be met to allow them some freedom without putting them in potentially unsafe situations.

With this balance in mind, Raw Labels have created a range of re-usable, waterproof and hardwearing ID wristbands for peace of mind for parents. Complete with a colourful range of pictures including spaceships, butterflies, roaring lions and teddy bears plus the child’s name and parent’s telephone number, the wristbands act as a safeguard should the child stray away from their parents when meeting new people.

Its also a good way for children to introduce themselves to others, as they love showing off their vibrant wristbands to their new friends which helps build greater confidence.

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