Chop'd continues eco pledge with two new partnerships.

Chop’d continues eco pledge with two new partnerships.

Sustainable eatery Chop’d continues its pledge to reduce its carbon footprint by partnering with Beat the Receipt and Re:Water.

Since being founded in 2004, Chop’d’s vision has been a world where caring for the environment is part of a business’s DNA. Chop’d were the first UK company to use salad bowls with partly recycled material, and now all plastic containers sold are 100% recyclable and 100% made from recycled materials.

The first partnership will raise awareness for excessive paper receipts, with Beat the Receipt aiming to help Chop’d customers reduce their carbon footprint. Paper receipts contain the same chemicals used in single-use plastic, making them impossible to recycle.

Every year around 200,000 trees are destroyed in order to supply the UK with paper receipts, and Chop’d joins other brands such as Dunelm, Paperchase, and Holland and Barret set on reducing that number substantially.

Samantha Lind, campaigner at Beat the Receipt, said: “Chop’d have always been a forward-thinking company when it comes to the environment, so it’s great that they’ve now signed the Paperless Pledge and made paper receipts completely optional in all their stores.

“Paper receipts account for tens of thousands of tons of carbon emissions every single year, and most of them end up straight in the bin, so we hope the rest of the industry will now follow their lead and help us Beat the Receipt.”

The second partnership is with Re:Water, the world’s first 100% recycled aluminium Spring Water bottle. Developed in response to the growing global problem of single-use materials, it’s a genuine alternative to single-use plastic. The aluminium bottle keeps the water cooler and fresher for longer, and once finished, it can be refilled, reused and recycled.

All Chop’d stores will start the switch from plastic bottled water to Re: Water’s aluminium bottle, which is widely and infinitely recyclable in the UK.

Victoria Healy, Chop’d Operations Director said, “Since we first opened in 2004, sustainability has been at the heart of Chop’d’s philosophy. From day one, Chop’d have helped customers make greener choices by rewarding them with free veggies for refusing a bag and encouraging customers to bring reusable containers. We’re excited to be continuing this vision with both partnerships; Beat the Receipt and Re:Water.“

Chopd, which was recently acquired by Inc Retail, has always put environmental initiatives first, it’s estimated that since 2014 Chop’d customers have saved more than 200,000 plastic containers and three million plastic bags from ending up in the UK’s landfills. With these two new partnerships, Chop’d are looking forward to further reducing its customers’ carbon footprint.

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