Is the circular economy set to benefit SMEs this year?

Is the circular economy set to benefit SMEs this year?

As the struggle for SMEs to gain appropriate finance to facilitate growth and expansion continues, a capital funding company is keen to highlight the benefits that the circular economy may hold for small to medium sized enterprises.

GIC Capital offers business loans and financial expansion opportunities to SMEs through substantial privately owned investment companies and thinks that the circular economy, which offers an alternative to the traditional linear economy in the sense that it keeps resources in use for as long as possible, could provide SMEs with vital money saving opportunities that could support growth.

The circular economy and recycling are both hot topics at the moment, and while efforts to become more eco-friendly can be seen across Europe, there is still plenty to be done. At present, Europeans generate 25 million tonnes of plastic waste each year, but less than 30% of this is collected for recycling.

Kennedy Zvenyika, Managing Director of GIC Capital said: “SMEs in the UK should be concerned about behaving in a more eco-friendly way not only to support the environment, but also to aid their financial situation.

“The collection, treatment and disposal of waste are increasingly costly procedures for businesses, made worse by the fact that the prices of raw materials continues to rise. If SMEs were to invest in new technologies to support innovative recycling methods, they could see their outgoings reduce and would also be supporting the global economy. This would leave them with more capital that they could use to further grow their business.

“We offer a number of financing options that includes unsecured business loans of up to £500,000 pounds and business overdrafts that work in the exact same way as traditional bank overdrafts do, meaning that there is a financing option available to suit every requirement.”

GIC Capital takes a personalized approach to financing by ensuring that they get to know each and every one of the clients and businesses that they work with personally, enabling them to suitably match them with privately owned investment companies.

With the EU having recently launched a strategy aiming for 55% of all plastic waste to be recycled by 2030, now is the time for SMEs to get on board with preserving the planet and subsequently, their businesses.

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