City workers set to get fit and toned in a flash as new speedy workout studio opens in business district

City workers set to get fit and toned in a flash as new speedy workout studio opens in business district

Overworked Londoners keen to get in shape but struggling to squeeze in long daily workouts will soon be able to get the body of their dreams quicker than ever as an innovative new workout brand completes plans to open its second studio in a thriving London district.

Exerceo Training is offering the chance to get super fit in a hurry with their 25-minute workouts that use muscle stimulation to target problem areas quickly and effectively.

The highly intense workout, which has previously been used in rehab settings to support people post injury, will mean that users will be able to cut their workout time by more than half and see results after only a few sessions, leaving them free to get back to their jam-packed work schedule. The new Exerceo Training studio has just opened in Canary Wharf, a thriving part of the city known for its financial links and as a playground for high-flying business people.

Sonja Rogojew, CEO of Exerceo Training said: “Everyone wants to look fit and in the best shape possible, but in a busy city like London, where people are juggling full-time jobs with busy social lives, it can be hard to fit it all in.

“Going to the gym every day and doing an hour long workout for most people isn’t realistic, which is why our short burst exercise regime is ideal for those with full time careers. By carrying out just 1 or 2 sessions a week, our clients notice fast results with something that won’t take over their life.”

People who utilize the workout will be able to reap a number of benefits including improved muscle tone and strength, better posture, weight loss and all-round better wellbeing.

Exerceo Training has already proved popular at its first location in Moorgate making its launch in Canary Wharf, an area characterized by its skyscraper building and connections to the banking and financial sector, a logical next step. With most of the people in this area working long days, Canary Wharf was the ideal location to launch the second studio. The quick workout could easily be completed during a lunch break, meaning it can easily be integrated into someone’s working day.

EMS exercise works by using electrical impulses to activate muscles in the same way as conventional exercise. The impulses are delivered via electrodes through a special EMS suit that is able to reach deep muscle layers that can be challenging to reach through traditional forms of training.

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