Remote sex toys revolutionising relationships as tech makes them even more fun and powerful, say experts Sh!

Remote sex toys revolutionising relationships as tech makes them even more fun and powerful, say experts Sh!


The popularity of remote sex toys is on the rise due to technological advancements in the reach, power and pleasure provided, say innovative sex shop Sh!

Remote sex toys have been around for a while, but there’s been a recent surge of interest in these clever little devices as customers are tapping into the sensual and seductive power play that remote sex toys can offer for couples.

Remote sex toys come in a plethora of different types, including plugs, vibrators, bullets and even vibrating underwear, so there’s plenty to choose from dependant on your personal preference.

The key to their popularity is the control element, as one partner is free to control the device remotely and ramp up the sensations or hold back the moment of release for their playmate as they please, making it an erotic and tantalising experience for both parties.

Previously, these remote toys only worked over short distances meaning that the other party had to stay close, but the newest and most innovative offerings have a much further reach and can be controlled from other rooms in the house, meaning you can call the shots from where ever you choose!

Some of the best selling remote sex toys from Sh! include the iJoy Remote Control Egg Vibrator with a waterproof silicon cover and ten settings for cheeky, discrete fun. This smart remote device is also fully mains rechargeable, so there’s no need to take extra batteries if you’re planning a weekend away.

There’s also the We-Vibe Sync Couples Toy, an adjustable-fit, remote controlled intercourse vibrator with ten seductive settings, waterproof soft silicone coating and reach of three metres, ideal for some water play.

Not wanting to leave the boys out, Sh! also stock the USB chargeable Nalone Pro-P Remote Prostate Massager with seven different modes to explore with a partner controlling the remote at a distance of up to 10 metres.

Another new product that’s sure to be a big success this year is the Nu Sensuelle Remote Control Cock Ring, ideal for heightening sensitivity and stimulation!

Ky Hoyle, Founder and Managing Director of Sh! said “The teasing abilities of remote toys are fast making them a firm favourite with couples, and with more and more products coming on to the market they’re fast becoming one of our most popular ranges.

Not only are the powerful, but they’re available for beginners and more adventurous couples who want to discover the thrills of giving and withholding pleasure as they please, making them an amazing addition to any sex toy collection.”

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