Climate change specialists SQSTR sees 200% increase in SEM

Climate change specialists SQSTR sees 200% increase in SEM enquiries ahead of 2022

SQSTR; a platform that enables individuals, families, and businesses to offset their carbon footprint with tree planting and carbon sequestration has reported a 200% increase in demand over the last month as the nation begins to seek out additional ways to tackle the growing climate crisis.

SQSTR specialises in planting trees to sequester carbon and offset harmful CO2 emissions that are contributing to climate change. Carbon sequestration refers to the absorption of carbon from the atmosphere, which occurs naturally as a part of tree growth. Sequestration is a critical component of fighting climate change. While many initiatives focus on reducing carbon output, sequestration actively removes CO2 already in the environment.

By signing up for a low cost subscription, families and businesses can create their own woodlands. SQSTR plants trees in line with the Woodland Carbon Code locally across the UK to offset the carbon output of each user. All for the price of a single coffee and slice of cake a month.

George Hughes, SQSTR Managing Director, says “We very much enjoy working with companies and individuals to help them reduce their impact on the world we live in. However, during our time in the industry, we’ve realised that while most of us know that we need to recycle and make small changes such as using public transport over personal vehicles, many of us don’t know how we can do more. That’s what SQSTR is for; making it easy to understand those next steps and take a more active role in fighting climate change”.

It appears that UK businesses especially are unsure about what the next steps are towards decarbonisation. In a recent survey, it was found that one in five organisations doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘net zero’. SQSTR not only helps businesses to understand their impact, but also understand how they can help. And carbon sequestration is one of the most undervalued methods.

Planting trees may seem like an obvious solution, but the UK is lagging behind, with just 13% woodland coverage compared to the EU average of 37%. Through the initiative, SQSTR hopes to push the UK further towards the Woodland Trust’s goal of increasing UK woodland coverage to at least 19%; a mission that would require 1.5 million additional hectares across the country.

For each tonne of carbon produced by SQSTR users per month, the company plants either broadleaf or conifer trees which sequester 0.17 tonnes and 0.11 tonnes of carbon respectively over their lifetime. Per hectare, young trees, their roots, and their surrounding soil can absorb 400+ tonnes of carbon.

Four SQSTR subscription plans are available, offsetting one, two, four, or six tonnes of carbon per month. Plans begin at just £6 per month. Throughout the month of January, all homes and businesses will receive 100% off their initial subscription fee to ensure as many organisations and households as possible can celebrate the Christmas period happy in the knowledge they are doing so in a carbon neutral manner.

 To find out more about SQSTR, visit using code carbonfree2022 to access the free subscription offer.