Cold water therapy is now the hottest health trend with The Cold Pod fielding record orders

Cold water therapy is now the hottest health trend with The Cold Pod fielding record orders

Reduced cholesterol. Better sleep. Improved mood. A stronger immune system. Less inflammation. A stronger cardiovascular system. More energy. The temperature might be cold outside but cold dipping has never been hotter as legions of fans switch on to the many health benefits of cold water therapy.

For one company, this natural wellness trend has become a full-blown phenomenon which has seen cold water converts snap up its innovative take on this age-old practice in record numbers.

The Cold Pod has been designed by cold water enthusiasts to make cold water immersion therapy easier and more effective at home – and has seen sales soar after a cold dip gained traction as a bona fide wellness trend.

Since launching its portable wellness tub earlier this year, the Kent-based company has seen fitness and wellness fans entirely sell out its range as more and more people embrace the therapeutic benefits as a means of boosting mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Christopher Hillary, CEO and founder of The Cold Pod, said “There’s no doubt that cold water therapy is the hottest wellness trend right now, popular with everyone from Kim Kardashian and Harry Styles to the Body Coach, Joe Wicks. Searches for related terms like ice baths are spiking on Google and thousands of hashtags are popping up on Instagram.

“We’re delighted to see more and more people beginning to realise just how beneficial a daily cold plunge can be. Cold water therapy is known to have an abundance of health benefits. These include improving certain risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as better circulation, lower blood pressure and lower harmful cholesterol as well as things like more restful sleep, less anxiety, increased energy levels and less muscular pain that can be beneficial to all.”

While cold water therapy would usually require a fairly substantial space for a tub in the garden, The Cold Pod has a small footprint, can be used indoors or outdoors, is entirely portable and is fully insulated. That means users can immerse themselves for a quick dip, then cover and repeat another day.

To find out more about The Cold Pod, visit: RRP £130. Now £95.