Collectables Get Digital Revamp Thanks to Innovative Augmented Reality Company

Collectables Get Digital Revamp Thanks to Innovative Augmented Reality Company

The Collectables market has been given a thoroughly modern update with the addition of cutting-edge augmented reality, courtesy of new UK arrival, AR Discs. The ground breaking firm has set out to introduce collectibles to a whole new generation with AR versions of traditional trading cards.

The company has recently launched its first range of disc-based collectibles, partnering with iconic animation studios Universal DreamWorks to deliver a unique character experience for children and collectors alike.

The DreamWorks discs are available online with Amazon and at selected retail outlets as individual ‘blind bags’, starter packs with collector’s folder and blind bags, or as part of a three blind bag pack with each bag containing a single disc.

The discs work as both collectables and ‘connect-ibles’, with each disc able to physically connect together with other character discs in any given collection as part of an aesthetically pleasing structure.

Whilst retaining the nostalgically tangible qualities of collectibles in decades gone by, AR Discs has looked to provide an added layer of digital interactivity to appeal to younger collectors looking for increased engagement with their favourite brands.

By downloading AR Discs’ accompanying app (available on Google Play and the App Store), collectors can use their smartphone or tablet to interact with their physical collectibles in unique ways.

As digital information is stored inside each disc image, hovering over the pictures of the DreamWorks characters triggers character biographies and movie clips. There are also two special gold discs which open up 3D models and see the disc’s characters pop out of the disc.

With over 25 years of DreamWorks animated films to choose from, the idea that much-loved characters such as Shrek and Kung Fu Panda are able to come to life in living rooms, playgrounds and parks across the globe is something that AR Discs believes will bring a new generation of collectible enthusiasts.

William Byron, Director of AR Discs, said “We all grew up enjoying the thrill of exchanging trading cards, Pogs, Tazos and other collectibles in school, and the industry has given so many people across the world fond memories of time spent with their friends.

“We don’t want to do away with the emotional impact physical collectibles bring, moreover, we believe our partnerships with leading brands such as DreamWorks makes for an extra dimension of engagement that builds upon the popularity of the collectibles market.

“AR opens up a new world of excitement for children and fans of collectibles in general. When the technology is there to transport their heroes into their own living room, what’s not to like!”

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