Combining Crochet and Jewellery to Create a Pandemic-Proof Brand

Combining Crochet and Jewellery to Create a Pandemic-Proof Brand

Despite the lack of crucial face-to-face events, one jewellery brand has proved that originality and high-quality pieces go a long way in creating a truly pandemic-proof company.

aelita jewellery, started by Aelita Galevska, a British-based contemporary jewellery designer and maker, has taken a unique approach by using an unlikely combination of traditional crocheting techniques with silver and gold to create unusual, quality jewellery that highlights customer’s natural beauty.

The distinctive – yet affordable – pieces are all handmade by Aelita, who has previously trained in Birmingham’s prestigious Jewellery Quarter and studied Art & Design at one of the Cambridge colleges. With simple designs that focus on accentuating the beautiful materials each piece is made from; the brand has gone on to receive esteemed awards such as Best Artisan Silver & Gold Jewellery Designer 2021 in the British Made Awards and Best Contemporary Jewellery Brand – East England in the 2021 UK Enterprise Awards.

The brand, which started with no outside funding and using affordable materials like copper, has since received much-deserved growth in two short years. Online sales rocketed during the pandemic, and aelita jewellery has seen many repeat customers and brand testimonials praising their unique and empowering approach to jewellery. By taking advantage of online sales and social media, this small creative business was able to weather the pandemic and was able to pivot away from focussing on face-to-face selling, like at Greenwich Market.

In the brand’s newest collection, Fine CHOCO – an extensive of a previous CHOCO collection – pieces feature elegant gold crochet mixed with dainty pearls that can be worn to dress up a minimal outfit, or as the finishing touch when getting ready for a special occasion.

Aelita Galevska, Founder of aelita jewellery says, “I have always loved crochet and jewellery, and finding a way to combine two of my biggest passions has been incredible for me. All of my jewellery is created by hand, using techniques that I was taught at 11 years old, resulting in totally unique pieces that will make anyone feel amazing when wearing them.

The pandemic was hard, and at first I was very uncertain as to how it would be trying to sell my pieces without in-person events, but luckily with the growth of our online sales aelita jewellery has been able to grow and develop.”

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