Commercial BBQ Smokers debuts new Buddy Series Range of low and slow commercial smokers

Commercial BBQ Smokers debuts new Buddy Series Range of low and slow commercial smokers

Designed for the busy operator and artisan food and restaurant professionals, the Blackwood BBQ Co. Buddy series by Commercial BBQ Smokers sets a new standard for low and slow hickory smokers for commercial use.

A true load and leave smoker, the Buddy series is supremely easy to operate and guarantees succulent, juicy smoked ribs, pork and brisket every time. Crafted from high-quality steel for durability and manufactured in the UK, features include a Real wood burning smoke box, fully automatic thermostatic control, with digital 24 hour countdown timer. The wood burning firebox imparts an authentic smoked flavour and the fan assisted oven ensures an even, deep cook.

Available in three models, the Buddy series is perfect for bars, pubs and restaurants looking to dish up authentic, deeply-flavoured meats for bigger profits. The Buddy 24 is a 6 shelf hickory commercial smoker with a 24 rib and 24 whole chicken, 6 brisket or 12 pork butts capacity. The Buddy 48 is a 12 shelf hickory commercial smoker which can hold up to 48 racks of ribs, 48 whole chickens  or 12 briskets while the EL-250 is an electric self-basting rotisserie smoker suited to medium to large restaurants thanks to its bigger 250 lb capacity able to smoke 60 racks of rib or 60 whole chicken .

Each model is easy to operate and maintain – simply fill the smoke box with hickory wood chips, load the meats into the smoker, set time and temperature and leave.

Check the meat 1 hour before the cook period is due to expire then add your baste or final spritz for that mouth-watering authentic BBQ taste

For those new to smoking, Commercial BBQ Smokers has an in-house training kitchen

Where they offer free training and menu development together with a full accessories packages including rubs, sauces and   oak, hickory, apple, cherry, whisky oak and beech wood chips.

Colin Guest of Commercial BBQ Smokers, added, “The Blackwood BBQ Co. range is made in the UK, designed to be supremely easy to use, cost-effective and robust. It’s the first ever commercial smoker made in the UK and carries a full 12 months parts and labour warranty

“With three models, there’s something for every size and style of venue, from smaller bars, pubs and restaurants right up to bigger establishments. BBQ and smoking has become extremely popular and with our Buddy series, we can help those bars and restaurants looking to maximise profits do just that while pleasing diners. The low and slow cooking method gives succulent tender meat, maintaining moisture and reducing shrinkage while also making the cheaper cuts such as brisket, pork butt and ribs mouth-wateringly delicious – especially when prepared with one of our flavourful rubs.”

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