Compact Photo Booth Makes Getting the Perfect Selfy Simple

Compact Photo Booth Makes Getting the Perfect Selfy Simple

Photo booths have become a staple at events up and down the country. Weddings, christenings, birthday parties and even brand launches – they’ve all squirrelled a photo booth away in the corner somewhere. But there’s one downside to these traditional photo booths; their bulky size. The space required means party hosts are often put off adding one of these trendy features to their celebration – but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Selfy is the revolutionary ‘air booth’ that’s launched to transform parties all over the UK. Turning any small space into the perfect pop-up photo booth, the quirky booth replaces the dated, traditional photo booths of times gone by. Turning the clock back by making things infinitely simpler, but utilising technology to its advantage, the result is a quality booth that blends into the background of any party.

Sam Santos and Enam Islam, Founders of Selfy said, “Photo booths have enjoyed somewhat of a resurgence over the last few years and now adorn parties and celebrations all over the UK. Creating memories that will last a lifetime, we understand the trend, but we also know that sometimes, hiring in a full-size photo booth just isn’t an option. And that’s where Selfy comes in. We want to make it possible for everyone, no matter what they’re celebrating, to have physical memories to take away with them and look back on in years to come.”

Taking up less space and providing a number of added functionalities than older photo booths, the portable Selfy booth adds an extra layer of excitement and entertainment at a time when creating truly unforgettable moments is paramount. Eternally elegant and fully-customisable, the booth simply blends into the background and doesn’t get in the way of a quiet, stylish get together or a vibrant, themed party. The booth comes complete with social media integration, props, unlimited prints, animated gifs, a choice of backdrops, and a web gallery, allowing it to pack the same size punch as a traditional photo booth. But the only difference is the space it takes up – or doesn’t.

The team behind Selfy boasts more than 15 years of combined photography experience so knows just how to capture individuals’ best angles – and of course those laugh out loud moments that everyone loves. Suitable for people of all ages, prices start from £290 for the Classic package.

To find out more about Selfy, or to book the team for an upcoming event, visit the website: