Companion App for Escape Room Lovers Shares Inspirational Story of Global Online Success During Coronavirus

Companion App for Escape Room Lovers Shares Inspirational Story of Global Online Success During Coronavirus

Escape the App lifts the lid on the incredible success of pioneering escape room as it reveals soaring online demand during Covid-19 Lockdown

A brand new app designed to unite escape room enthusiasts with fellow players and rooms worldwide has lifted the lid on an incredible success story which shows a surge in demand for the popular pastime during lockdown. Escape the App, the companion app for those who love escape rooms and global venues, has launched a brand new series shining a light on industry insiders doing incredible things in what is an extremely challenging time for the events industry.

To kick off the series, Escape sat down with the radical minds behind the popular Escape Room Southend who devised a creative and inspirational response to the nationwide lockdown, turning an event which could have sent the venue to the wall into a world first, international success story.

After being forced to close their doors due to the pandemic, Escape Room Southend founders Wayne Barnard and Floyd Saun-leas found themselves applying for jobs with their local supermarket while watching their business collapse.

In order to stave off permanent closure, the duo first approached their existing customer base for support by selling open ended tickets for future games. Inspiration then struck thanks to fans sharing how much they missed the escape room experience during lockdown – the creative pair came up with the concept of delivering their escape room games virtually using Zoom’s video conferencing technology and three brand new escape experiences purpose built in Wayne and Floyd’s spare rooms and loft while in lockdown.

This new format allowed up to six players, from anywhere in the world, to form a team and tackle the escape room-style games together – the local brand quickly found itself going viral on social media after rave reviews from players. They have since hosted teams from all over the world including California, India, Dubai and Australia. Not only is the company now set to survive until it can open its doors again, it’s actually generating more revenue than before.

Daniel Ivanovic, founder of Escape the App said, “The story of the guys at Escape Room Southend is crazy and the perfect way to launch our new industry series. It’s amazing that under that much pressure and through the fear of losing the business they love, they were able to create an entirely new set up in record time. Their success is also testament to the hugely encouraging and passionate escape room player community which has rallied behind new ideas like this during lockdown because they miss the experience.”

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