Confidence, Comfort, and Protection for Intimate Areas Redefined with VA J-J Visor

Confidence, Comfort, and Protection for Intimate Areas Redefined with VA J-J Visor

From waxing and laser hair removal to tanning, there’s a long list of treatments that many women sign up for to keep themselves looking and feeling optimum. However, for many, the idea of exposing their intimate areas during these procedures can be discomforting. One brand is here to change that.

BODY4REAL has launched VA J-J Visor, the world’s first female intimate area protection shield. Developed in collaboration with a gynaecologist, this patented solution provides a new level of confidence, comfort, and protection during various intimate area procedures, revolutionising personal care for women.

VA J-J Visor addresses the unique needs of women by offering discreet and effective protection in a comfortable and easy-to-use design. Made from high-quality medical-grade polymer, it is hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin. Its flexible and ergonomic shape ensures a perfect fit for women’s intimate areas.

One of the notable features of VA J-J Visor is its doctor-recommended design. Working closely with a respected gynaecologist in Tacoma, Washington, designers have created a product that meets the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

This shield offers reliable protection during hair removal, pubic hair colouring, UV exposure, tattooing, piercing, trying on swimwear, and spray tanning, reducing the risk of unwanted discomfort and infections. It also provides modesty protection for those who prefer not to expose their intimate area. With a VA J-J Visor, women are able to embrace intimate area procedures with confidence.

Naffisa Sheikh, Director of BODY4REAL, says, “There are many products that protect our skin, eyes, lungs, and generally our bodies; however, nobody ever thought about protecting a woman’s modesty. The VA J-J Visor solves this issue and protects the most delicate and intimate area of a woman’s body.”

The VA J-J Visor is suitable for those with sensitive skin thanks to its hypoallergenic material and can be recycled after use, minimising its environmental impact. It’s also hygienic, tested and approved for laser hair removal and holds CE certification.

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