UAS experts merge for continued success


UAS and drone experts, Consortiq, have officially become part of Assure, the FAA’s center for excellence in UAS research.


The move marks a significant step for Consortiq, already established as a premier partner for UAS-ready solutions, with consultants bringing years of industry knowledge to the fore to help build comprehensive, sustainable solutions for modern businesses and fleet management.


The company currently offers an impressive list of services – including their safety and operations management portal, CQNet, specialist research into the UAS field, and advice on all aspects of drone strategy – perfectly suited to their own growing list of clients, eager to integrate drone services into their businesses.

Paul Rigby, CEO “The open exchange of data is fundamental to the future of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM). CQNet is very small piece of that puzzle and the opportunity to collaborate with other innovative organizations to help drive forward common standards, protocols and data integrity is very exciting for Consortiq.”

Consortiq covers everything from instruction on national regulations to superb and comprehensive drone safety training, with its tailor-made selection of courses and additional bespoke learning packages enabling company employees to get to grips with this fascinating piece of tech in a way which works for them.

With a firm appreciation and understanding of the transformative effects cutting-edge UAS technology can have, Consortiq’s latest software product, CQNet, allows users to manage their UAS fleet safely and efficiently from anywhere, offering a staggering number of customization options to aid usability and flight functions including up-to-date reporting and data collection for keeping track of diverse information from a centralised hub.

It is perhaps no wonder that the Assure program appeals to Consortiq, given they share many of the same concerns, with missions to inspire and cultivate responsible and productive drone use.

As an industry collective, Assure is committed to ensuring drones become a crucial, safe and valued part of the US aviation portfolio, relying on a coalition of twenty three partners to help achieve this goal, including many illustrious universities providing unique expertise and contributions to the cause.

Consortiq can now be proudly added to this honor roll, adding their own unique range of skills and experience to Assure’s mission.

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