Consortiq Rolls Out New Risk Assessment Features to CQNet

Consortiq Rolls Out New Risk Assessment Features to CQNet

Consortiq has introduced more advanced features to its award-winning CQNet drone management software, which allow users to manage the risk of their operations and ensure that they adhere with customer and industry standards.

The company is constantly evolving the technology to make sure it is relevant and safe, and this new module that has been in development for some six months will further enhance and support this, enabling managers and pilots to create and review risk assessments and working method statements.

“The time spent writing and creating these documents to ensure a safer operation – as well as obtaining a flight permit from safety officials – takes too long, so the process needed an update,” David Walters, Software Development Manager at the company, says.

With the update, the system now allows you to select from four variables, and compiles a data set built and structured by Consortiq to produce a well-presented document.

Operators can then view the risk assessment and method statement and add additional risks and controls to ultimately produce a completed document.

“This allows a risk document to be assigned at either project level – combing a cluster of missions – or at individual mission level,” Walters notes, adding that the documents are then stored to allow organisations to see revisions at a later point.

“We understand from experience the importance of risk mitigation and safety. We hope that taking our operational experience and implementing this module further enhances a commercial operator’s mission planning, providing further efficiencies to the organisation.”

In November 2017, Consortiq was awarded the best cloud services provider title at the Digital Experience Awards in London for CQNet, beating a number of highly-respected competitors in the same category. This proved that the software is an innovative digital capability that is disrupting the way in which drone operators manage their operations.