Contract Manufacturer Urges Skincare Brands to Embrace Preventative Approach for Gen Z and Millennial Consumers

Contract Manufacturer Urges Skincare Brands to Embrace Preventative Approach for Gen Z and Millennial Consumers

We are in an era where Gen Z and Millennials account for the largest share of the skincare market. In fact, a 2021 survey found that 41 per cent of Gen Z shoppers said skincare was the product category they currently spend the most on“. To appeal to these consumer groups, Adonis, a leading manufacturer of skincare products, is recommending that skincare brands prioritize a preventative approach when developing products.

Recognizing the skincare priorities among Gen Z and millennials, Adonis highlights the importance of catering to the desires of these demographic segments, which tend to look for skincare products that offer preventative measures instead of reactive solutions. Unlike the generations before them, Gen Z and millennials are more inclined to seek products that aim to proactively maintain the health of their skin rather than merely addressing issues – such as fine lines and wrinkles – as they arise.

“Our research and industry insights have revealed a clear trend. Gen Z and millennials prioritize the early prevention of skin concerns rather than seeking last-minute remedies,” says Ann Wilson, spokesperson for Adonis. “We believe that skincare brands have a unique opportunity to establish stronger connections with these generations by creating products that empower them to take charge of their skin’s health from an early age.”

Adonis suggests that integrating key ingredients known for their preventative properties, such as antioxidants and UV protection, can contribute to creating skincare formulations that cater to the preferences of both generations. Additionally, by embracing this paradigm shift, skincare brands can engage Gen Z and millennials through marketing strategies that resonate with their proactive mindset.

As a contract manufacturer renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality, Adonis is ready to collaborate with skincare brands looking to embrace the preventative skincare movement. Adonis’ contract manufacturing services allow brands to benefit from the industry leader’s extensive research capabilities and market knowledge to develop products that align with current consumer trends, while setting new standards for skincare excellence.

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