Cordina Hair Founder Lands deal on Prime Time BBC Show

Cordina Hair Founder Lands deal on Prime Time BBC Show

Malta-born entrepreneur Yanika Cordina, who launched Cordina Hair, known for its heatless curling and styling tools, strikes a deal with Dragon Sara Davies on Thursday night’s episode of Dragons’ Den. Cordina hopes the deal will further expand her brand and provide women with simple, stress-free alternatives to salon styling at a time when people are increasingly[1] turning to at-home options during the pandemic.

Cordina pitched to the Dragons and landed an exclusive deal with British businesswoman Sara Davies.

“Sara Davies is the ideal Dragon partner for Cordina Hair, with extensive experience in TV shopping which I believe is the next logical step for our heatless styling products says Yanika Cordina, Inventor and Cordina Hair Director. “It’s also fantastic to be partnering with a fellow working mum as I unexpectedly fell pregnant just three months after launching the Flower Curl and I think it’s really important to work with someone that understands what it’s like to run a business with kids!”

Notes to Editors

Cordina Hair™ was launched in November 2017 with one clear mission in mind: to inspire women to embrace and enhance their natural beauty with gentle products. The company was founded by Yanika Cordina. A love for healthy hair has been one of her passions from a very young age.

Cordina Hair™ was formed after Yanika experienced first-hand the struggles of maintaining healthy hair, how frustrating it can be to grow hair longer and faster, and how incredibly stressful noticing more hair fall than usual can be.

Cordina tools are designed for women who love to curl their hair, but hate how time consuming it can be, and dislike the damage that can be caused by heat such as dryness and split ends. The brand’s flagship product, the Flower Curl, achieves beautiful, voluminous curls overnight without the use of heat or styling products. Instead, the product relies on friction-reducing satin-coated rings that set the hair in a curled style.

Cordina’s exciting deal comes at a time when the global hair curling market – currently valued at £2.8 bil. – is expected to grow by a CAGR of 5.8% to 2025, driving by an increasing number of women seeking effective solutions to damaging heated styling tools.

The Flower Curl and Waver Bun heatless curling tools are available to purchase now from the Cordina Hair online retail store:

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