Counteract The Effects of Energy Price Increases with Effective Warehouse Manual Handling

Counteract The Effects of Energy Price Increases with Effective Warehouse Manual Handling

Government statistics confirmed that 56% of transport, logistics and storage companies faced higher costs in March due to energy price hikes, but one business has provided a cost-effective solution in the form of manual handling equipment.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Business Insights report [1], in response to the rising energy prices, many firms have been forced to pass on higher costs to their customers. Many warehouse and haulage companies are used to operating on smaller margins, which has meant price rises have resulted in increased pressure on the sector. Businesses have very little wriggle room, so as soon as prices rise, they have no option to pass these costs onto their customers.

However, Midland Pallet Trucks, a UK supplier of quality hand pallet trucks, lift tables, and manual stacker trucks suggests that one cost-cutting strategy that warehouse managers across the country could look to is adjusting their reliance on manual handling equipment.

Manual handling provides a cost- and energy-efficient to solution to warehouse managers trying to claw back expenses and prevent hiking up customer prices. Such equipment does not require energy like electric handling equipment does, so provides an opportunity to make significant energy savings

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks says, “The energy prices are hitting every industry extremely hard. With the cost of powering our warehouses, running equipment and fuelling our delivery network, we need to find ways to cut back on our costs. One way is to use manual handling equipment, an energy-efficient method of transporting goods around a warehouse. At Midland Pallet Trucks, we stock a range of this equipment that we can ship to warehouses across the country.”

With cost-effective prices and the option for speedy delivery from their Midlands-based factory, Midland Pallet Trucks are a one-stop shop for businesses who need to stock up on equipment for their warehouse. Designed for durability and functionality, the range of equipment provides all the essentials a warehouse could need, with an added range of specialist equipment, dependent on individual’s requirements.

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