Create Your Own Digital ‘SwonSong’ To Complement Your Will

Create Your Own Digital ‘SwonSong’ To Complement Your Will

App creators encourage everyone to create digital farewell messages as perfect complement to their will.

SwonSong, the smartphone and tablet app is encouraging more people to complement their written will with heartfelt farewell messages, created through their user-friendly app.

Research by the Law Society has revealed that the majority of individuals still do not have a will and millions of pounds per year could be going to the government because people had passed away intestate. The SwonSong team now wish to encourage everyone to make their final wishes clear, as well as leaving video messages for their loved ones to be delivered after their passing.

Ian Lamonby, Chief Operations Officer of SwonSong, says, “Thousands of people pass away without a will each year, leaving their loved ones in doubt about how to distribute their personal possessions and assets. The SwonSong app is all about helping people to prepare for their passing and helping those left behind. We like to encourage more people to make those important arrangements ahead of time.”

Ian adds, “SwonSong can act as a personal complement to the legal last will and testament. With the ability to record video or audio messages for loved ones and add royalty-free background music and their own photo collection to messages, users can bid a sincere proper farewell to their loved ones. By creating your will and your SwonSong at the same time, you can fulfil your legal obligations as well as creating heartfelt messages and your own digital eulogy.”

The Free to download iOS app, available in the Apple App Store, ensures message creation is simple as the user interface is intuitive and has guidance throughout.

The SwonSong website is home to a multitude of tutorial videos to provide help.

Once the messages are saved, they’re uploaded to the secure SwonSong server, where they remain until the designated Notifier confirms the user’s passing. The messages are then released by SwonSong to be viewed by loved ones as they wish.  Messages can also be composed in email format, or they can be sent as real letters, professionally printed in a handwriting font onto A4 paper and posted to any address in the world.

The app allows users to create their own personal eulogy video, to be presented at their very own funeral or wake service, deliver messages for special occasions, such as birthdays and weddings. The website also has a number of free PDF downloads with tips on everything from creating a will, listing all your worldly possessions, listing all important information, to holding your smartphone correctly when taking pictures.

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