Creative new app brings traditional Ebru marbling technique into the digital app

Creative new app brings traditional Ebru marbling technique into the digital app

Designers, creatives and art fans can now perfect their Ebru marbling technique with the launch of a unique new app which brings the traditional Turkish craft into the 21st Century. Smart, colorful and packed with creative possibilities, Edru is a digital simulator which recreates the Ebru marbling paint techniques for Apple and Android devices.

The floating ink paint app mimics the liquid paint technique of paper marbling, which is thought to date back to ancient China and the T’ang dynasty which reigned from 618-907. From the iconic Silk Road trade route to 15th Century Anatolia, Edru’s contemporary upgrade to this age-old art form brings the technique to a whole new generation.

The slick Edru app is packed with features, meaning users can create Ebru inspired marbling canvas images via their smartphone or tablet device in a kaleidoscope of colours. With a range of brush types to choose from, each creating a beautiful interpretation of the abstract Ebru pattern.

From moody blues and inky blacks to vibrant orange, zesty yellows and minty fresh greens, users simply select their colour pallet, pick a brush type and use their finger or tablet stylus pen to design their own digital masterpieces. Colours are dropped onto the screen and marble with surrounding shades, with the person using the app to draw able to control the pattern, form and style to create abstract prints and patterns.

The illustrations can remain as digital art, shared via social media or stored on the smartphone, tablet or PC or, they can be transformed into real world creations. Ebru patterns created using the Edru app can be printed onto canvas or made into gifts, apparel and other items.

Julien Passin, Edru marketing director said, “We’ve been working on the Edru app since last year and are delighted to officially launch following beta testing. Edru is an awesome drawing and entertainment app, but it also brings new fans and appreciation for an ancient art form. This melding of old and new is something we’re really excited about.

“The app is loaded with features and colour palettes, so the user is given total free reign to unleash their creative side. It’s suitable for art fans and those who are new to Ebru and just want to have fun. The option to translate the creations into real world objects with t-shirt printing or canvas art means there is no limit to the possibilities. We hope it brings a whole new appreciation for Ebru and helps users to put pen to iPad or smartphone screen and take time to be creative.”

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Edru can be downloaded from Google Play now: It will soon be available on the App Store.