Creative New Product from Recordalife Preserves Memories and Shares Life Stories

Creative New Product from Recordalife Preserves Memories and Shares Life Stories

As families across the UK prepare to gather over the Christmas period, Recordalife is offering a unique, creative product that could make the perfect festive gift for someone with plenty of stories to tell. The dedicated business’ latest product is its dedicated audio life story, giving family members a touching, one of a kind way to ensure their memories are preserved and continue to be enjoyed by younger generations in their own words for years to come in the voice and words of the teller.

Recognising that every person has collected a unique series of experiences and advice throughout their life, Recordalife was created to deliver a simple way for them to be shared, using the power of audio. Using the skills of expert oral historians, the Recordalife Life Story Audio helps its customers formulate their most interesting stories into soundbite anecdotes that family and friends will love listening to. The product launch is set to be the latest trend in family genealogy and preserving memories, allowing loved ones to effortlessly create a recording of their most important and treasured experiences.

Mike Tapia, Managing Director of Recordalife and a member of the British Oral History Society, said, “Many people dream of writing their own autobiography to ensure their story is preserved for generations to come but it’s a time consuming and difficult process that most people don’t get around to doing. It means there are thousands of untold stories that deserve to be heard. We give families a way to ensure that the adventures, challenges, and profound moments that their grandparents, parents, aunts or uncles have experienced throughout their lives continue to live on. It’s important for younger generations to understand their family history and we help those with fascinating accounts pass them on in their own words.”

The Recordalife process is simple, whether it’s purchased as a gift or by someone that wants to retell their own adventures. After making an order, customers receive a welcome pack containing a gift certificate and a full set of easy to follow instructions. Using carefully crafted interview techniques and an understanding of oral history, the Recordalife team can begin the recording process anywhere in the world through a telephone or Skype interview. With expert skills, the team helps users weave their own stories before professionally editing the content where necessary. Users

will then receive two audio CDs of the interview and a USB stick containing the audio, allowing them to share the story of their life with loved ones.

Recordalife already has other life story products available, including beautiful hardback books that blend words and photographs to create an immersive life story and include the recorded voice interview, but the audio-only offering adds a new element by allowing lower cost option without the books and preserving the voice and essence of the character.

Founded by oral historians, Recordalife offers a professional way for people across the world to record their most prized memories for future generations. The latest product from Recordalife was inspired by visually impaired actor Tim Gebbels, known for his appearances on Notes of Blindness, Cast Offs and One of Those Days, who passed away earlier this year. Gebbels made remarkable recordings throughout his life and in recognition, Recordalife donates £15 of each audio order to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

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